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Thursday, June 23, 2016 12:54PM
By Flowers By Janie
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If you have been engaged for sometime, no doubt you've come across countless glossaries of options for bouquet styles with their shapes and descriptions available to you on Pinterest and wedding blogs. There are numerous styles of wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids to choose from, probably 10 or more!

The classic round bouquet (or the smaller nosegay or posy version for bridesmaids and flower girls) has always been a favorite. The classic round can be tight and compact with one or two feature blooms, or it can be designed loosely with more foliage and a variety of different blooms. The more traditional cascade or shower bouquet, where flowers gracefully flow down over the bride's hands, was popular in the 1970s & 1980s and is starting to come back into style.

The newest trend in bridal bouquets and corresponding maid's bouquets is the oversized free-form or unstructured bouquet. This bouquet is hand tied and is somewhat a hybrid between the round bouquet and the cascade bouquet. The free-form bouquet is larger than all of the other bouquet styles and is loosely arranged for an airy, whimsical feel. It is round but not completely, and instead of cascading downward over the bride's hands, it can cascade upward, downward and/or out to the sides of the bouquet. Thus, it gets the free-form; hence the combination of both the classic round and the cascade style of bouquet.

The free-form bouquet trend started in early 2015 and has been gaining momentum in 2016. It will likely carry on into 2017 and 2018 as well. A key element to this type of bouquet is its "picked from the garden" look and feel. These bouquets are often quite expensive because of the size and amount of flowers and foliage required for the design. They need an assortment of different varieties of flowers (think 5-10+ types of flowers) and foliage (3-5+ types of foliages) to make it look like it was picked from the garden. It is also possible to create these bouquets using only foliage for a more avant-garde type of free-form bouquet!

If you are a bride who absolutely adores flowers and wants to make a statement with them at her wedding, this could be the perfect bouquet for you! Below you can find a few images of oversized free-form bouquets our team at Flowers by Janie has created along with a couple of infographics that describe other bouquet styles. 

Please visit our website bouquets galleries to view more images of bridal bouquets or contact us today to inquire about booking us for your upcoming wedding! Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta serving Calgary and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

An oversized, free-form, english garden style bouquet designed with anemones, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, lilacs, lisianthus, flowering scabiosa, sweet peas, hellebores and thlaspi with mixed foliage and vines. The colour palette included soft pastels in pink and lavender shades with a touch of deep purple. The trailing silk ribbons added a beautiful touch!

Photo: Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Another english garden style, oversized, free-form bouquet with mostly British grown blooms. Created during the Chapel Designers floral conference in London, England; I (Janie) used Romantic Antike garden roses, lilacs, french tulips, hellebores, sweet peas, eucharis lily, tuberose, flowering scabiosa, spray roses, flowering jasmine vine and fountain grasses to achieve the shape and design of this hand tied bridal bouquet!


Photo: Modern Vintage Weddings

Bouquet charts sourced from Pinterest

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 5:05PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Congratulations on getting engaged! You have your wedding venue, your bridal gown, your photographer and! How do you know which flowers to choose for your wedding and how do you know what is in season? Pinterest is a great place to start researching flower varieties but keep in mind that certain flowers you may see might be hard or impossible to source for a Canadian wedding. Here are our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

1. Pick flowers that have a special meaning for you and your partner. Think back to your childhood or to your first date. Are there any flowers that hold a special place in your heart? You may want to consider including the favorite bloom of a loved one who is unable to attend the wedding or a flower that your mom used to grow in her garden.

2. Choose blooms that are in season. You can research the growing season for the flowers you are wanting online and your professional wedding florist can also tell you if your chosen flower(s) will be available. 

3. Choose blooms that are suitable for the climate & time of year. Even if a favorite flower is available extreme weather conditions and temperatures could pose a threat. For example poinsettias are available in December but aren't a hardy choice if you are planning an outdoor winter ceremony in the mountains as they don't like cold weather. Some flowers last longer out of water and are more resilient than others. 

4. Be flexible. If your favorite flower isn't available your floral designer will be able to offer ideas of other similar flowers that could work in place of the specific bloom you are wanting. We often substitute garden roses for peonies when peonies are no longer in season or pomponi gerberas or commercial mums in place of dahlias.

5. Hire a professional. A professional floral designer with years of experience and education will be able to help you pick blooms that are suitable for your wedding style, colour palette and time of year. Purchasing flowers from a professional ensures you their expertise as well as high quality fresh flowers and a beautiful, original design. If you are still in need of a wedding florist please contact us today!

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio providing fresh floral design for weddings and events. We serve Calgary, Canmore and the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

Photos below by Chloe Buie

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 2:32PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Spring is in the air and that calls for some Blooms & Bubbly! Join us on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique for a fun night out with bubbly, pretty blooms, sweet treats, local goodies and a Photo Booth by the lovely Tara Whittaker Photography. To register email Janelle at Full details are in the photo below designed by Calgary graphic design studio Modern Pulp. We can't wait to celebrate spring with you! xx

Monday, April 25, 2016 4:40PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Last February we shared a post about our five favorite spring wedding flowers which included the peony, ranunculus, anemone, tulip and hyacinth.

While these are definitely spring bridal favorites we want to add three more pretty blooms to the list.

These three are perhaps less known to couples planning spring weddings but are beautiful just the same. Each of the three can be sourced locally here in Canada from flower growers in British Columbia as well as flower farms from around the world.

1. Viburnum

The viburnum commonly known as snowball viburnum or guelder rose in Britain is a beautiful spring flower often mistaken for a miniature hydrangea. They are ball shaped with tiny clusters of white or green florets on woody stems. These lovelies are grown right here in Canada and look stunning in bridal bouquets as well as larger centrepieces and ceremony arrangements that require height and/or a mass flower. Viburnum works best in vase arrangements rather than floral foam and have a vase life of approximately 5 to 7 days.

2. Lathyrus/Sweet Pea

Lathyrus is the Greek name for pea from which we get the common name Sweet Pea. These are beautifully scented, delicate blooms that come in soft colours including white, pink, red, blue and lavender. The stems are usually on the shorter side so they work best in bridal bouquets or shorter vases. They are generally available from early spring to late summer and can be sourced from BC, France or Italy. Their vase life ranges from 3-7 days and they last much longer in fresh water than in floral foam.

3. Scabiosa

Scabiosa comes from the latin word for scabies (itch). It was thought that its rough leaves cured the itch. Although its name doesn't sound very appealing it is quite a striking flower that is similar in size to the anemone or ranunculus and could be a nice substitute for either of these blooms. Its  common name is pin cushion and it is available starting in spring and goes until early fall. Scabiosa have a vase life of 5 to 7 days and look best in bouquets and shorter centrepiece arrangements. They come in an assortment of colours but some of the loveliest are the deep pink and rich plum tones! Scabiosa can be sourced from BC as well as Colombia during their prime season.

If you are a bride or groom planning a spring wedding you are in luck with plenty of in season flower options to choose from. Besides our favorites; freesia, muscari, fritillaria, boronia and leptospermum are a few more springs blooms that you might want to check out!

To read more about our favorite spring wedding flowers click here

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta serving Calgary, Canmore, Banff, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and beyond!

Viburum and sweet peas in a spring bridal bouquet. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Viburnum, sweet peas, scabiosa along with peonies and hyacinth in a spring ceramic centrepiece. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Sweet peas, viburnum, peonies, allium and roses in a vase ceremony arrangement. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

White scabiosa bloom. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Pink scabiosa flowers in a spring ceremony arrangement. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photogrpahy

A sweet spring bridal bouquet with white scabiosa, viburnum, veronica and tulips! Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Pink sweet peas and peonies! Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Monday, March 21, 2016 5:11PM
By Janie
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Fresh flowers and foliage are beautiful hair accessories no matter the season! They add freshness, texture and colour to your wedding hairstyle. They can be incorporated into updos, loose flowing locks and into half up- half down bridal hairstyles. In winter months, hardy foliage such as cedar, carolina sapphire, eucalyptus and plumosa fern work well and last during outside photo sessions in minus degree weather as do spray roses and gypsophila.

As far as flowers go, a large single blossom or small clusters of blooms can be incorporated into the hair. Half bridal crowns worn as tiaras or to one side of the head are also popular as are full flower crowns. Statement flowers like garden roses and peonies work well for the bold, trend-setting bride and smaller full flower crowns of gypsophila, spray roses, grasses and foliage are beautiful for boho and country chic brides.

Most flowers can be used as hair flowers but some of our favorites are spray roses, gypsophila, waxflower, solidago, asters and lisianthus. Foliage such as feather and seeded eucalytpus varieties, Italian ruscus, plumosa fern, rosemary, mrytle and many types of winter greenery also look lovely and add a touch of fragrance and texture to your wedding hairstyle.

Your bridal hair flowers can be the same blooms used in your bouquet, the same colour palette as flowers in your bouquet or they can be entirely different colours and varieties than what you hold altogether. Hair flowers provide a way to personalize your wedding style and are a romantic addition to any wedding. Scroll down to view a selection of wedding hair flowers created by Flowers by Janie for our lovely brides.

Half floral crown of pink majolica spray roses and gypsophila for a Banff bride.

Photo: Erika Lagy Photography

Hair & Make up: The Pretty Haus

Photo: Erika Lagy Photography

A weave of fresh silver dollar eucalyptus, plumosa fern and lisianthus blooms for a unique half up- half down bridal hair style.

Photo: Darren Roberts Photography

Hair: The Pretty Haus

Winter bridal flower crown with cedar, carolina sapphire, seeded eucalyptus and blush spray roses for a Calgary bride.

Photo: Deep Blue Photography

A full floral crown with large blooms of White O'Hara garden roses mixed with peach spray roses, white waxflower and seeded eucalyptus for a Calgary engagement session.

Photo: Chloe Buie Photography


A softer full flower crown of white majolica spray roses and gypsophila (baby's breath) for an outdoor country wedding at Sirocco Golf Club.

Photo: Kristyn Harder Photography

A fall wedding in Canmore with a bridal updo of white waxflower.

Photo: MJ & Co.

Clusters of fresh white waxflower adorn this Canmore bride's updo.

Photo: MJ & Co.

Hair: Mountain Beauties


Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio providing wedding flowers to couples planning weddings in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We provide beautiful fresh floral bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements and of course lovely hair flowers for your bridal look. View our portfolio or book a consultation today!