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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 5:05PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Congratulations on getting engaged! You have your wedding venue, your bridal gown, your photographer and! How do you know which flowers to choose for your wedding and how do you know what is in season? Pinterest is a great place to start researching flower varieties but keep in mind that certain flowers you may see might be hard or impossible to source for a Canadian wedding. Here are our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

1. Pick flowers that have a special meaning for you and your partner. Think back to your childhood or to your first date. Are there any flowers that hold a special place in your heart? You may want to consider including the favorite bloom of a loved one who is unable to attend the wedding or a flower that your mom used to grow in her garden.

2. Choose blooms that are in season. You can research the growing season for the flowers you are wanting online and your professional wedding florist can also tell you if your chosen flower(s) will be available. 

3. Choose blooms that are suitable for the climate & time of year. Even if a favorite flower is available extreme weather conditions and temperatures could pose a threat. For example poinsettias are available in December but aren't a hardy choice if you are planning an outdoor winter ceremony in the mountains as they don't like cold weather. Some flowers last longer out of water and are more resilient than others. 

4. Be flexible. If your favorite flower isn't available your floral designer will be able to offer ideas of other similar flowers that could work in place of the specific bloom you are wanting. We often substitute garden roses for peonies when peonies are no longer in season or pomponi gerberas or commercial mums in place of dahlias.

5. Hire a professional. A professional floral designer with years of experience and education will be able to help you pick blooms that are suitable for your wedding style, colour palette and time of year. Purchasing flowers from a professional ensures you their expertise as well as high quality fresh flowers and a beautiful, original design. If you are still in need of a wedding florist please contact us today!

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio providing fresh floral design for weddings and events. We serve Calgary, Canmore and the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

Photos below by Chloe Buie

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 2:32PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Spring is in the air and that calls for some Blooms & Bubbly! Join us on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique for a fun night out with bubbly, pretty blooms, sweet treats, local goodies and a Photo Booth by the lovely Tara Whittaker Photography. To register email Janelle at Full details are in the photo below designed by Calgary graphic design studio Modern Pulp. We can't wait to celebrate spring with you! xx

Monday, April 25, 2016 4:40PM
By Flowers By Janie
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Last February we shared a post about our five favorite spring wedding flowers which included the peony, ranunculus, anemone, tulip and hyacinth.

While these are definitely spring bridal favorites we want to add three more pretty blooms to the list.

These three are perhaps less known to couples planning spring weddings but are beautiful just the same. Each of the three can be sourced locally here in Canada from flower growers in British Columbia as well as flower farms from around the world.

1. Viburnum

The viburnum commonly known as snowball viburnum or guelder rose in Britain is a beautiful spring flower often mistaken for a miniature hydrangea. They are ball shaped with tiny clusters of white or green florets on woody stems. These lovelies are grown right here in Canada and look stunning in bridal bouquets as well as larger centrepieces and ceremony arrangements that require height and/or a mass flower. Viburnum works best in vase arrangements rather than floral foam and have a vase life of approximately 5 to 7 days.

2. Lathyrus/Sweet Pea

Lathyrus is the Greek name for pea from which we get the common name Sweet Pea. These are beautifully scented, delicate blooms that come in soft colours including white, pink, red, blue and lavender. The stems are usually on the shorter side so they work best in bridal bouquets or shorter vases. They are generally available from early spring to late summer and can be sourced from BC, France or Italy. Their vase life ranges from 3-7 days and they last much longer in fresh water than in floral foam.

3. Scabiosa

Scabiosa comes from the latin word for scabies (itch). It was thought that its rough leaves cured the itch. Although its name doesn't sound very appealing it is quite a striking flower that is similar in size to the anemone or ranunculus and could be a nice substitute for either of these blooms. Its  common name is pin cushion and it is available starting in spring and goes until early fall. Scabiosa have a vase life of 5 to 7 days and look best in bouquets and shorter centrepiece arrangements. They come in an assortment of colours but some of the loveliest are the deep pink and rich plum tones! Scabiosa can be sourced from BC as well as Colombia during their prime season.

If you are a bride or groom planning a spring wedding you are in luck with plenty of in season flower options to choose from. Besides our favorites; freesia, muscari, fritillaria, boronia and leptospermum are a few more springs blooms that you might want to check out!

To read more about our favorite spring wedding flowers click here

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta serving Calgary, Canmore, Banff, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and beyond!

Viburum and sweet peas in a spring bridal bouquet. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Viburnum, sweet peas, scabiosa along with peonies and hyacinth in a spring ceramic centrepiece. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Sweet peas, viburnum, peonies, allium and roses in a vase ceremony arrangement. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

White scabiosa bloom. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Pink scabiosa flowers in a spring ceremony arrangement. Photo: Tara Whittaker Photogrpahy

A sweet spring bridal bouquet with white scabiosa, viburnum, veronica and tulips! Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Pink sweet peas and peonies! Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Monday, March 21, 2016 5:11PM
By Janie
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Fresh flowers and foliage are beautiful hair accessories no matter the season! They add freshness, texture and colour to your wedding hairstyle. They can be incorporated into updos, loose flowing locks and into half up- half down bridal hairstyles. In winter months, hardy foliage such as cedar, carolina sapphire, eucalyptus and plumosa fern work well and last during outside photo sessions in minus degree weather as do spray roses and gypsophila.

As far as flowers go, a large single blossom or small clusters of blooms can be incorporated into the hair. Half bridal crowns worn as tiaras or to one side of the head are also popular as are full flower crowns. Statement flowers like garden roses and peonies work well for the bold, trend-setting bride and smaller full flower crowns of gypsophila, spray roses, grasses and foliage are beautiful for boho and country chic brides.

Most flowers can be used as hair flowers but some of our favorites are spray roses, gypsophila, waxflower, solidago, asters and lisianthus. Foliage such as feather and seeded eucalytpus varieties, Italian ruscus, plumosa fern, rosemary, mrytle and many types of winter greenery also look lovely and add a touch of fragrance and texture to your wedding hairstyle.

Your bridal hair flowers can be the same blooms used in your bouquet, the same colour palette as flowers in your bouquet or they can be entirely different colours and varieties than what you hold altogether. Hair flowers provide a way to personalize your wedding style and are a romantic addition to any wedding. Scroll down to view a selection of wedding hair flowers created by Flowers by Janie for our lovely brides.

Half floral crown of pink majolica spray roses and gypsophila for a Banff bride.

Photo: Erika Lagy Photography

Hair & Make up: The Pretty Haus

Photo: Erika Lagy Photography

A weave of fresh silver dollar eucalyptus, plumosa fern and lisianthus blooms for a unique half up- half down bridal hair style.

Photo: Darren Roberts Photography

Hair: The Pretty Haus

Winter bridal flower crown with cedar, carolina sapphire, seeded eucalyptus and blush spray roses for a Calgary bride.

Photo: Deep Blue Photography

A full floral crown with large blooms of White O'Hara garden roses mixed with peach spray roses, white waxflower and seeded eucalyptus for a Calgary engagement session.

Photo: Chloe Buie Photography


A softer full flower crown of white majolica spray roses and gypsophila (baby's breath) for an outdoor country wedding at Sirocco Golf Club.

Photo: Kristyn Harder Photography

A fall wedding in Canmore with a bridal updo of white waxflower.

Photo: MJ & Co.

Clusters of fresh white waxflower adorn this Canmore bride's updo.

Photo: MJ & Co.

Hair: Mountain Beauties


Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio providing wedding flowers to couples planning weddings in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We provide beautiful fresh floral bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements and of course lovely hair flowers for your bridal look. View our portfolio or book a consultation today!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 12:36PM
By Janie
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No matter the season, white monochromatic bridal bouquets are a classic choice and will always be on trend. There is a wide selection available when it comes to choosing white wedding flowers as almost every flower variety exists in white, ivory or cream. Roses are a classic, timeless choice; tulips are more casual and great for spring bouquets, while peonies and garden roses exude femininity and romance. When choosing white flowers for your wedding bouquet here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose shades of white, cream or ivory flowers that will provide a contrast against your bridal gown. There isn't much point carrying a bouquet if you won't be able to see it.

2. Choose a variety of different white blooms for your bouquet. While one variety of flower in a bouquet can be very impactful and beautiful, I suggest choosing at least three varieties of white flowers for your bouquet if your dress is similar in colour to the flowers. The difference in size and shape of each flower, even if they are the same colour, will add dimension and interest to your bridal bouquet and prevent it from blending into the colour of your gown.

3. Add foliage or flowers that have green leaves (tulips) or buds (freesia) to your bouquet. Green and white bouquets always look good. The foliage helps to separate the blooms so that you can easily see and appreciate the individual flowers in your bouquet. Green is a neutral colour that emanates freshness and nature and also works well with any colour palette, especially white!

Scroll down to view images by local Calgary and area wedding photographers who captured the white bridal bouquets our team at Flowers by Janie created for these gorgeous brides (& groom)!


Winter bouquet with white and black Panda anemones, White O'Hara garden roses, majolica spray roses and touches of winter foliage, silver brunia and dusty miller

Photo: Cassie's Camera

Spring bridal bouquet of white peonies and White O'Hara garden roses

Photo: Heart + Sparrow Photography

Cascading bouquet of Vendela roses, freesia and dendrobium orchids

Photo: Sarah Pukin Photography

Bouquet of Patience garden roses, ranunculus, Polar Star roses and freesia with a black and white pinstripe ribbon wrap

Photo: Blake Loates Photography

Winter bridal bouquet of tulips, Polar Star roses, freesia and gypsophila

Photo: Corrina Walker Photography


Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta specializing in Calgary wedding flowers. We provide wedding flowers to couples tying the knot in Calgary as well as Canmore, Banff and beyond. If you are looking for Calgary wedding flowers contact us to see how we can bring your floral vision to life!

See what's trending in wedding flowers for 2016 here!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016 12:18PM
By Janie
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If you are a bride planning your upcoming wedding, no doubt you are spending more than your fair share of time on Pinterest trying to find inspiration for your perfect bouquet. This year we are seeing a trend towards the use of more foliage in larger unstructured bouquets, ceremony and centerpiece flowers. Mixed foliage provides great texture to go alongside your favorite blooms. Another option for adding texture, colour and to complement your choice of flowers and foliage is to use berries. Berries come in different shapes and sizes and can fit any budget. Some are smooth (hypericum) and others are patterned and rough (silver brunia). Depending on the time of year you are getting married, there are various berry options which are available in an assortment of colours including green, silver, red, pink, burgundy, peach, cream, orange, blue and purple!

Below you will find a chart that tells you the name of each of my favorite berries used in our wedding design work! You can also see which regions they are sourced from, which seasons they are available, the available colour options and the price range for each type of berry.

My favorite berries to use in wedding floral design, listed in alphabetical order are: brezelia, brunia, hypericum, pepper berry, privet, skimmia, snowberry and viburnum. Scroll down after the berry availabilty chart to see photos of how our team at Flowers by Janie has incorporated these berries into bouquets for our Calgary, Canmore and Banff brides!

*Note:This chart is a guide to availability. Occasionally, even during its available season some berries may not be available due to high demand and/or weather causing early or late growing seasons. Thank you to Kelly Crawford of Florists Supply Ltd. for providing the information for this chart!


Bouquet with brezelia and silver brunia

Photo: Northridge Photography

Winter bouquet with silver brunia

Photo: Cassie's Camera

Winter bridesmaid bouquet with burgundy hypericum berries

Photo: Abby + Dave Photography

Summer bridal bouquet with peach hypericum berries

Photo: Heart + Sparrow Photography

Winter bridal bouquet with privet berries

Photo: Studio Lumen

Winter bouquet with red skimmia, red pepper berry and purple-red viburnum berries

Photo: Tara Whittaker Photography

Fall bridal bouquet with pink snowberries

Photo: Sheenism Studios

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in Calgary wedding flowers but also service Canmore and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Click here to view our bouquet portfolio or here to book a complimentary wedding flower consultation.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016 1:26PM
By Janie
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Valentine's Day is a popular day for weddings as it is the only day of the year where love and romance are celebrated all day long. While it may seem romantic to get married on or near February 14th you can be guaranteed that your wedding day blooms will arrive with a higher price tag.

Generally, any fresh cut flowers and/or plants shipped between February 1-15th will be more expensive and subject to holiday pricing. If flowers are a top priority for you and you are planning your wedding around Valentine's day, more money will need to be allocated to your wedding flower budget to cover the increase in flower costs. You might be asking yourself why does the cost of flowers increase so much during this time of year? I'm here to explain.

Cedna Photography

Here are three reasons why you can expect to pay more for your wedding flowers, anniversary flowers or any other gift of flowers on and around February 14th.

1. Supply and Demand

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, in 2015 Americans spent a total of $2.1 billion on flowers and are expected to spend $1.9 billion this Valentine's Day! That is a lot of flowers! It was also estimated that around 250 million roses were produced in 2015 to supply the demand for Valentine's Day. The most sought after flower for this holiday is of course the red rose, followed by pink, white and lavender roses. The price of roses, even non-red and pink roses, is also higher (close to double their normal cost) during this time. The pricing increase affects not only roses but also red, white and pink flowers of any variety which are also at a premium during this time of year. Other flower varieties in non Valentine's colours also see an increase in price from beginning to mid February.

Farms across the USA and South America, where the majority of Calgary florists receive their cut roses from, need to prep their fields months in advance to supply the demand of flowers sold on Valentine's Day. They need to time the growth of their roses and other flowers perfectly so that they are ready to harvest in high quantities at the beginning of February to be shipped on time prior to February 14th. Due to the fact that these farms are producing more flowers as well as limited colours (more red, white and pink than usual), the growers need to increase the cost of these blooms to cover the loss of flower production to other colours/varieties that might normally be grown. Following the Valentine's day harvest many farms will need to restart production and will not see more crops for some time; meaning that the cut flowers from production near Valentine's day have to maintain these farms and their staff post harvest. Due to the fact that flowers are at a high demand around February 14th, your wedding flowers will also arrive with this increase in price.

Cedna Photography


2. Increased Labour and Transportation Costs 

Since it is a one-day holiday, all of the Valentine's Day flowers need to arrive to your wedding florist in the days prior to February 14th. Most flowers designated for Valentine's Day wedding and event orders will arrive 3-5 days prior to February 14th in order for your wedding florist to clean thorns from the roses, de- leaf flowers and re-cut and condition each individual flower stem so that the blooms will be in pristine condition for your wedding day. Due to the tight time frame of having all of these flowers arrive basically for a single one day holiday; and considering the demand for Valentine's day flowers as well as Valentine's wedding flowers, more transportation and staff are needed at all levels of the floral industry.

The amount of transportation and workers increases at the farm, wholesaler and at your retail flower shop or wedding florist's location. Increased demand requires more trucks and flights needed to ship the flowers, which leads to fuel surcharge increases and holiday freight pricing to accommodate the overhead. More workers, trucks and flights are required to get millions of flowers to their destinations. More staff are needed to harvest, ship, sort, process, design and deliver the end floral arrangement as well. 

Since Valentine's day is a popular day for weddings, Valentine's day brunches, special dinners etc. as a wedding and event florist we need to hire more staff for the days leading up to Valentine's day to assist in the processing and design of our event orders.

Cedna Photography

3. Service and Quality 

In the floral industry like any, you will always find a cheaper option. If you aren't looking for quality flowers and exceptional customer service you can easily purchase your wedding flowers from your local grocery store. Retail and wedding florists purchase high quality cut flowers from reliable, trusted wholesalers who have established relationships with farms year round; not just during Valentine's Day. When you purchase Valentine's day flowers and wedding flowers from a wedding florist rather than a chain store you are paying for creativity, high quality flowers, beautiful designs and great customer service that you won't find at your grocery store. To learn more about the price of wedding flowers please read our related blog post titled The Truth About Wedding Flower Pricing.

Our team at Flowers by Janie is excited for a busy weekend of weddings and events this February 13th and 14th. If you are planning a Valentine's day wedding or a wedding on another day of the year and are looking for Calgary wedding flowers we would love to help. 

Thank you to Kelly Crawford from Florists Supply Ltd in Calgary, Alberta for offering so much insight into the reasons why flowers cost more around Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's weekend everyone! May your day be filled with love and flowers!

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in fresh floral arrangements for weddings and events. We service Calgary and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. You can view our portfolio here or book a consultation directly on our website.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5:23PM
By Janie
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With wedding season just around the corner, we have been busy meeting with 2016 brides and grooms. This year will be a busy one with many of our couples tying the knot in Calgary as well as in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! I love meeting with couples and discussing their floral inspirations, colour palettes and venue locations and then bringing their wedding floral vision to life!

Below are the top 5 wedding flower trends that we are seeing for our 2016 couples getting married in Calgary and surrounding areas.

1. The use of more fresh flowers in decor. Floral decor is becoming increasingly important for the modern bride and groom, with some couples choosing it as their only source of wedding decor. This summer we are seeing more arches, arbours and gazebos draped with flowing flower garlands and whimsical floral swags. We are also receiving requests for more elaborate centerpieces, head table arrangements and even florals to adorn the washrooms and bar areas!

Heart + Sparrow Photography

2. Garlands galore. Who doesn't love fresh foliage and the smell of nature it brings to the indoors?! The summer of 2016 is all about garlands! Many couples are opting for mixed foliage garlands sans flowers and other are going all out with loads of fresh flowers included. Garlands as centerpieces are a nice option because they run the entire length of the guest tables and everyone can enjoy their beauty. Ceremony garlands can also double as head table decor!

Studio Lumen

3. Oversized and unstructured bouquets. We are seeing fewer requests for the more traditional, round and uniform bridal bouquets. This year there will be an increase in larger, oversized bouquets that have lots of loose flowing greenery and are filled with large show stopping blooms- think peonies, dahlias and garden roses!

Heart + Sparrow Photography

4. Neutral colours. While we have lots of couples opting for bright and bold colour palettes we are seeing an increase in the earth tone palettes of ivory, cream & champagne of course with lots of green hues being drawn in by the natural foliage.

Cassie's Camera

5. Flower crowns. Our team created lots of flower crowns in 2015 and this trend is sticking around for 2016! Brides as well as bridesmaids and flower girls are all incorporating full or half crowns into their wedding hair designs.

Chloe Buie Photography

Are you planning on incorporating any of these floral trends into your 2016 wedding?! We'd love to know which trends you plan to include or what you will do differently. Please comment below! If you are still looking for a wedding florist for your Calgary or Rocky Mountain wedding please visit our website to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our wedding flower services.

Flowers by Janie is a boutique floral studio located in SouthEast Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in fresh floral design for weddings and events! Our style is natural, modern and sophisticated.

Thursday, December 31, 2015 9:59AM
By Janie
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New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate with family and friends for everything this year has held, bidding farewell to 2015 and embracing what is to come in 2016. Thank you to all of our 2015 couples who entrusted us with your wedding florals and to all the individuals & Calgary businesses who have helped make this past year a success for Flowers by Janie. Oscar and I wish you all a happy new year and a wonderful 2016!

We leave you with this sweet 'New Year's Eve Celebration' styled shoot which includes pretty florals (with lots of Pantone's 2015 colour of the year- Marsala), yummy sweets, gorgeous dresses and a signature cocktail to enjoy with your loved ones this December 31st.

For a signature cocktail drink this New Year's Eve Azuridge Estate Hotel's bar specialist and sommelier Kevin Schorath recommends a Kir Royale garnished with a cherry. For a fruitier option you can find the recipe for a Blackberry & Whipped Coconut Cocktail by visiting Dote Magazine's Blog.

Happy New Year to all of our couples as well as the wonderful Calgary businesses that made this styled shoot possible:

Styling: Adorn Boutique + Vintage Loved

Photographer: Genevieve Renee Photographie

Decor Rentals: Vintage Loved

Cakes: Pretty Sweet Co.

Bridesmaid's dresses & Jewels: Adorn Boutique + Pearl & Dot

Venue: Pearl & Dot

Hair & Makeup: The Pretty Haus

Florals: Flowers by Janie

Stationary: Stevie & Bean